11 January 2009

God Speaks Many Languages

If you came in search of levity today, I recommend moving on to the next stop on your blogroll.

Today I sat in a dark, quiet place and contemplated God. I wondered if, having eschewed a relationship with God for so long, I would recognize his wisdom if it was ever presented to me.  Then, at the very moment that thought crossed my mind, I glanced out the window and saw the answer presented to me, as clear as if it were written in ink.  

  There, on the railing at this unfamiliar place, was God's message to me.  I know what you're thinking . . "Corey, that's just a Cooper's Hawk, not a message from God."  Not today it wasn't.   Today, I believe that hawk was sent to that spot at that moment for me.  He paused just long enough for me to snap two photos.  The first was washed out by the flash's reflection on the door.  The second one you see here.  Before I could raise the blinds, he was gone.  But the impact of his visit hit me like a runaway freight train.  

As I sat in that empty place, I contemplated all of the things that brought me happiness.  I love the life I have, and I find myself fighting to keep it at all costs.  I wondered if I could ever find happiness again under a different set of circumstances, and until today I've failed to visualize that possibility.  Then, as if in a deliberate attempt to get my attention, that Cooper's Hawk appeared outside my window.  The message, to me, was crystal clear.  Even here, sitting alone in my darkest moment, God chose to show me a small sign of happiness.  "You CAN find happiness elsewhere, even in the unlikeliest places.  Keep looking, and don't be so myopic."  

My Good Man . . we're clear.