12 September 2008

Silence . . not always golden

Ten minutes without hearing from Lily, unless she's sleeping, is an unusual thing. As I was just reminded, it typically means she's up to no good. Seemingly out of nowhere, she just called to me from the stairs, "Daddy, I got some new ponies!"

Oy. The only ponies upstairs are in Avery's room, and with Avery across the street playing this definitely spelled trouble. I grabbed the camera (it's becoming a reflex these days when Lily calls out) and headed toward the front door. Look at this little monster.

Not to worry . . we've reassembled Avery's room, and hopefully she'll be blissfully unaware that anything ever happened.

11 September 2008

Homemade Obstacle Course

"Daddy, can I snuggle you?"

"No Lily, not right now, Daddy's watching Jeopardy."


"No Lily, maybe in a few minutes."

"OK, I'll just go jump off this obstacle course instead."

"Well that sounds great Lily, have fun!"

The following is what came next.

A couple of things:

- At the beginning, when she gives the little thumbs-up . . rewind it to there and turn the volume up. Proof positive of her propensity to encourage folks to "keep it pimpin".

- Do I sound like Bert from Sesame Street in real life? When I hear myself on video the only thing I can think of is "Rubber ducky, you're the one, you make bathtime so much fun!" Seriously . . do I? Not that I could do anything about it if I did, but I'd like to know. I think the chances of me actually sounding like Bert and not a single person I've ever encountered telling me so are very slim, but I just have to ask. Be honest, but be gentle.

10 September 2008

TV Phenomenon

This post is not about TV. Or a phenomenon.

Today, after her nap, Lily wanted to know where her unicorn was. When she found it she told me to be very gentle with it, that it was very delicate and in fact made of gold. I obliged, agreeing not to even touch it. I left her upstairs and came down to work on dinner. Moments later she came in to the kitchen and wanted to show off the unicorn. She said "See daddy, see!" I looked and said, "Yeah Lily, that's great. Hey, what's the unicorn's name?"

"TV phenomenon", she said. No kidding. And she pronounced it perfectly. I laughed, then decided I wanted a picture to go along with the post she had created for me. Switch lenses, put it in auto mode, focus, snap a few to get the right one. Well, nobody's perfect.

Then what? I forgot the name. Seriously. "Lily," I said, "what was the unicorn's name again?"

Her: "Ummmm . . TV . . granola bar!"

Me: "No, that's not what you said."

Her: "Ummmm . . TV Scooby Doo!"

Me: "Huh? You don't even know what Scooby Doo is. What's its name?"

Her: "Ummmm . . TV . . investigating!"

I immediately thought to myself, "Self, you just done effed up and lost a great post." So I asked her one more time. "Lily, what was the unicorn's name again . . the first one?"

"TV . . TV . . phenomenon!"

Yes!!!! She remembered! I don't know how, because the utterly ridiculous nature of the 'name' had no business even crossing her mind in the first place, not to mention staying in there any length of time. But, lucky for us, it did.