22 April 2009

A Fun Milestone

This is just too good to pass up.  A couple of weeks ago Mason learned to roll from his back to his belly.  

1.  Grab feet.
2.  Pull feet to mouth.
3.  Let gravity pull now-elevated chunky thighs down to one side or the other.
4.  Let go of feet.
5.  Sprawl out and find solid ground, using the belly as a fulcrum.

Then, a few days ago, he learned to roll back over from his belly onto his back.  

1.  Crane neck back as far as it will go.  
2.  Turn head to one side or the other and look at the ceiling.
3.  Roll onto the "down" shoulder.
4.  Complete the maneuver and give a big satisfied grin!

Today, for the first time, he put the whole act together and learned how the combination of these two new maneuvers could produce a mode of ambulation he'd never experienced without the help of a big person.