22 September 2007

"I'm going to move into the basement . ."

That's what Avery just informed me were her plans should we keep our word to move Lily into her bedroom to make room for another child. "Let me know how that works out for you, considering we don't have a basement."

The conversation started as a yelling match, Avery attempting to keep her newest toy away from Lily . . one made of indestructible plastic and given to her by my mom, who's visiting for the weekend. Of course I allowed the argument to escalate to fits and tears, then promptly kicked the Lincoln Logs house I'd built against the wall (it had it coming). So with both of them wailing, I sent Avery to her room (she of course went upstairs to rat me out to my mom). Lily then says to me "I want to go to my room." "Fine, go, stay in there" I told her, as if it was my idea. Of course Mandi called me in the middle of the whole episode . . I didn't really hear anything she said, except of course that her breakfast had cost her $21. I had a Poptart for breakfast today.

So it looks like we have some work to do convincing Avery that we really did buy her bunk beds because we planned all along to move Lily in to her room when the nursery was ready for a new baby, not just so her stuffed animals would have a place to chill. What a harsh reality that must be for a 7 year old to deal with. Maybe I could just remodel the garage for her in lieu of a basement.

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