28 September 2007

Some New Elements

Good Lord, 2 posts in the same day . . what's gotten into me? It's just too hot to do yardwork today, honestly. Anyway, I just wanted to 'splain a few new items for my dedicated readers (I think there's more than one now).

First, I've fixed the mistake on the recipe list, the Penne with Sausage, Artichokes, and Sundried Tomatoes recipe should download correctly now. I will try to add some new recipes this weekend, we've had a couple of good new dishes lately and there's one more on tap for tonight.

Second, you'll notice a new link for the "Moss Creek Bluebird Trail". While the link currently leads nowhere, I plan to put together resources for the residents of our neighborhood to use as a guide for helping a large community of Eastern Bluebirds establish a strong presence in our backyards. So keep checking on it periodically, if you're interested. Eastern Bluebirds rely almost exclusively on man-made nestboxes, and they pay their human landlords back with their beautiful colors and sweet songs.

Finally, I've added a link to Daveramsey.com. Dave Ramsey is a radio talk-show host and author who Mandi and I have turned to for guidance in our financial struggles. We have dug ourselves out of a pretty big hole with a not-so-big shovel, as Dave would say, and in the future I plan to add helpful "Personal Finance Primer" page to the website as an additional resource. Dads, if you're going to be the Chief Family Officer, being smart with money is essential! I'm not Dave Ramsey, but I can summarize, offer personal stories and advice, and help Dad's win with money. Ironically, Dave's show is not on the air in Charlotte, a fact due in large part (I'm sure) to the fact that the big banks run the city and they don't want anybody bad-mouthing their credit cards. I listen on XM Radio, and I get a podcast every day on iTunes which I usually listen to at the gym or while I'm mowing the lawn/weeds. I recommend Dave highly, not that he needs it.

So keep reading, I'll be adding more items all the time.

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