01 October 2007

Christmas In July

I know that phrase is usually reserved for department stores doing their semi-annual sale, but the holidays start so early at our house I wouldn't be surprised to hear Jingle Bells right after the Star Spangled Banner on Independence Day. Seriously, we had Halloween decorations up on September 23rd. I've heard the argument "those guys at the end of the street have theirs up too", but they were expecting a newborn baby last week. That guy gets a free pass for being ultra-early. At least now it's October and I can rest a little easier knowing it's the 'holiday month'.

Avery woke up this morning and begged me to wear the black shirt with the glitter pumpkin you see in the photo . . I knew that resistance was futile, she is after all her Mommy's daughter. So I played along, dressed Lily up in matching Halloween digs, and even put the appropriate Boo and Pumpkin hair accessories on for them. Ave completed the ensemble with her bright orange Spooky sweater and scurried off to the bus stop.

I'll let you all know when I hear the year's earliest Christmas song. Be sure to respond to my newest poll about your holiday decorating habits.


Aunt C said...

A#1 please send me this photo for the Dallas based fan club
B#2 I hate saying anything prefaced with "Dallas based" and you know this
C#3 I got my "Christmas Card" design in the mail already...i think Halloween is practically over at this point, don't you?

Courtney said...

Last year for Christmas we went to the tree farm with a tiny infant in tow, cut down our own tree, Brad wrestled with it for 45 minutes to get in in the tree stand AND we never decorated the damn thing!

Gotta love the holidays!


Jaime said...

Ditto, I need a copy as well! Just found out about your Blog, it's great! Thanks for sharing.
Love you