18 November 2007

Merry Christmas Daddy

This morning started as many others do, Mandi was off to work early and I sat down to read the Sunday paper at the kitchen table. It's one of the few times each week I truly get to myself, outside of the gym. Lily woke at her usual 6 a.m., and as I always do I gave her a few minutes to knock the sleep out of her eyes before I retrieved her from the crib. I like listening to her on the monitor when she wakes up, as she's still at the age where she verbalizes what will soon become her internal dialog. Listening to her morning rant is a guilty pleasure I'm really going to miss when she finally moves into Avery's room.

Because we spent a good part of the day yesterday putting out the Christmas decorations, it was no surprise that Lily had Santa on her mind this morning. While she loves the outdoor lights and decorations, the ones on the living room table that she can interact with are definitely her favorite. The norm for our house from now through Christmas Day will be an ill-coordinated chorus of Jingle Bells, Let It Snow, and Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and others performed by three snowmen, two penguins, and a dog. So I turned on the webcam and captured a little 10-second snippet of her enjoying the new "toys". There's no sound to accompany it, but as the last snowman stopped singing, she turned to me and gleefully yelled "Merry Christmas Daddy!" Enjoy!

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Aunt C said...

i wish it was a slower video with sound! Those rockin snowmen are so cool... :)