26 January 2008

The Fish Wrapper

Some interesting events have unfolded in the last few days that might land my mug in the local newspaper. I was contacted Thursday by someone from the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitor's Bureau with an inquiry about the Moss Creek Nature Trail . She lives here in the neighborhood and had seen a little article on our community website that I submitted last November. The article was about the ebird.org website I've been using to submit my birding observations, and the fact that upon my suggestion our Nature Trail had been designated as a "Birding HotSpot". She apparently thought the designation was newsworthy, and the CVB mentioned it in the January edition of their e-Newsletter.

While it's hard to tell how much interest the newsletter generated among its target audience of meeting planners and hotel executives, it apparently fell into the hands of a regional reporter for The Charlotte Observer. The reporter called me yesterday and did a quick 15-minute interview, just getting background information on me and on the Trail. The plan is for a small article to be run in next Thursday's Cabarrus Neighbors section of the paper highlighting the hobby of bird watching and the Moss Creek Nature Trail as a formidable choice of locations to undertake it. They've got a photographer coming over Monday morning to accompany Lily and I to the Trail and hopefully get a few good pics of some of our local bird species. I think I'll schedule a haircut for myself between now and then, just in case the lens is pointed my way . . Mandi's already promised to pick out Lil's outfit for the day and told me she'll leave strict instructions on how I should fix her hair. You can rest assured I'll have a complete, unbiased review of the article posted early Thursday morning.


C said...

WOOHOO!!!! Make sure to send a link out if you find the article online!

I just dont get "fish wrapper" so much...may have to explain that one to me

cjs said...

People used to refer to the newspaper as "not worthy of wrapping a fish", or something along those lines. I guess it's referring to the people at the fresh seafood markets that would give you a whole fish they just caught and they'd wrap it up in a newspaper. Eventually "fish wrapper" became a slang negative term for the local newspaper. I don't dislike The Observer, it was just an attempt to be clever.

Anonymous said...

OK kids...let me explain!!! You're partially correct Corey. Newspaper is the wrapper of choice in England for Fish & Chips. So that's the paper/fish wrapper connection! Looks like they're finally going to print something you'll enjoy reading! Please send the link or a copy of the article.

Jaime said...

That is so exciting, I hope you and Lil have fun! I would love to read the article!