23 February 2008


I can only remember a few times I've felt like a better cook than lunch this afternoon. I was whipping up a few grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls, taking the time to cut the crusts off Avery's and making sure they weren't "burned". As I set Lily's plate down she came running in to the kitchen, looked at it in all its glory and gasped, "Exquisito Daddy!". I know she's shown a penchant for the occasional Spanish word in the past, but I honestly have no idea where she came up with this one. I guess it's proof that her television-based education is continuing to pay dividends.

In a related incident, I was peeling some apple slices Mandi got for them the other day and Lily inquired as to the type of apples they were. Her favorite is the Red Delicious (pronounced redalishis), but she'll tolerate just about any variety. When I told her they were Granny Smith, I fully expected her to be able to repeat it back to me. Instead, her head tilted a bit and she asked "Grammy who?" She was totally perplexed, and I couldn't help but laugh. I guess having stuff named after people is not a concept she can grasp yet.


Anonymous said...

I love granny smith's....maybe you should call them meema apples!! She is, for sure, the smartest child ever born! She is exquisito!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha!! I just don't want to be named after a meatball!! Tell her I said bueno!