04 March 2008

The Potty Saga Continues

This potty training thing has turned into a bad recurring dream. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, except in that case he figured out how to improve his situation each time he woke up and it was the same day again. In my case, I wake up each day completely perplexed by Lily's inability to make it through a day without an accident. Some will start poorly, with a pee in the pull-up less than five minutes after she wakes up. Others, like yesterday, have seen her wear big-girl panties for long stretches without an accident. But it always seems like complacency sets in (either with her or with me), and we fall short of a full day's success.

Over the weekend, we tried the "party" technique I've read about . . have a freakin' party for the kid when she uses the bathroom so it creates positive reinforcement. Obviously, as is evidenced by my need to make this post, that has only been mildly effective as a means of encouragement. She enjoys the parties, but she's just fine without them.

The part that makes it even more frustrating is her increasing ability to communicate what she needs, at least biologically. Yesterday, after her friend Matt left at around noon, Lily marched directly upstairs and climbed in to her crib. She got under the covers, and before I even realized where she'd gone, she was calling for me to come put her to bed. Similarly, last night at around 7:30 Mandi and I were relaxing on the couch when Lily came in from the playroom and matter of factly exclaimed, "Daddy, I'm ready for bed now!" If you are aware enough to tell me that, surely you're aware of the fact that just an hour earlier you were standing in front of the TV pooping in your big-girl panties . . right? Apparently the TV show that was on while she was pooping was more interesting than the one at bedtime. So the potty training saga continues thusly, and alas, I have yet to discover the magic bullet that will put us over the top.

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