29 March 2008

"She Shoots, She Scores!"

I almost wish that title was just my poor attempt at vulgar toilet humor. While this post does concern the potty, the title is correctly placed in quotation marks.

Without jinxing myself, I am proud to announce that Lily is now 99% potty trained. She's only had two accidents in the last two weeks or so, both within an hour of each other. That was an interesting day at the Wyndham Fairfield resort, but there's a much funnier part of that story that must be reserved for its own separate post. I won't keep you waiting long, I assure you.

As I'm sure is the case with most toddlers, number two has been a lot more difficult hurdle to overcome for Lily than number one. There were days where I swore the kid was going to get sepsis from having so much poop backed up in her bowel. We thought we had turned the corner when one afternoon she went successfully in her little potty, and we poured on the praise like we know we're supposed to do. The next day, however, we were back to square one. We poked and prodded and kept "poop" top-of-mind, and eventually we persevered.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when after stripping herself down in the play room Lily announced that she had to "go poopy". We of course ran to the bathroom where I hoisted her up and she proceeded to successfully complete her mission. What came next, though, is what makes Lily who she is. As I reached for the toilet paper, she bent over at the waist as if to peer down between her legs in to the potty, at which point she declared her victory by shouting "She shoots, she scores!" You sure did Lil' Bean, it was a slam dunk!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! vShe sure is one of a kind!!! Love you all.

Carolyn said...

no she did not....that child is hilarious.