19 March 2008

T-Minus 39 Hours

Approximately half of the bags are packed. The laundry is almost finished. When Avery comes home in the next ten minutes, she'll have 6 more hours left of school until the big moment arrives. That moment, of course, is when we'll be leaving for Orlando to go visit the big Mouse House. Right around 5 a.m. Friday morning the Mommybus will pull out of the driveway and head South toward the Sunshine State, leaving a rippled wake of morning air in its path. It's our one "big" vacation of the year, the one everybody's been dying to go on for the three months since Christmas passed and we decided to go. You can count on a daily post from the road, as our laptop will be accompanying us on the trip. We'll include tons of pictures of the girls having a blast, and we expect numerous comments detailing your unbearable jealousy. So wish us a safe journey, we'll update you when we get there!


Carolyn said...

WOOOOOHOOO!!!! So excited for you guys!!! Cannot wait to read the posts and see the pictures! Have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe journey. When you get around to it, you've been tagged with the Six Word Memior Meme: http://www.bornagainbirdwatcher.com/2008/03/my-life-in-six-words.html