13 May 2008

It's a veritable baby factory around here!

Surprisingly, I'm not referring to the new MALE addition to the Slovick family. Instead, I'm posting the much-awaited photos of our first brood of Eastern Bluebird chicks of the year. Mama and Daddy bluebird persevered through the predation of their first clutch of eggs laid in March and have successfully hatched a second brood! Three of the eggs hatched on Mother's Day, and the other was hatched when I peeked in Monday morning. On my brief trip out there today to photograph the little runts I could only make out 3 mouths, but they're crammed in there so tightly that #4 might have just been hiding under her siblings. I'll keep you updated on their progress. Based on their hatch date of 5/11 I'm estimating that they'll fledge on or around Wednesday 5/28. I will do my best to get a progression of photos of the little cuties leading up to that time. Here's the family; Papa, Mama, and the kiddos.

Daddy had a grub in his mouth, just waiting for me to clear out of the area before he went in and fed the little chicks.

Mama had just come out of the nestbox in this shot. She was surveying the flower bed below her for more food for the chicks.

Their eyes aren't open yet, but their instinct is to look up and open their mouths when they hear sounds. I guess I sounded like I came bearing mealworms. I decided to leave that to the experts.

Some other yard visitors were feeling especially photogenic today, so I took advantage.

This frog (or is it a toad?) is a resident. I found him today when i was cleaning the bird bath.

The Chipping Sparrow is an unusual sight in my yard. This is only the second time I've ever seen one here. I can't even ever recall seeing one of these at the Nature Trail. I wonder where they hang out?


Jaime said...

Beautiful Pictures!

Carolyn said...

How cute is that!?! Those pictures of the birdie family are so great, I love the baby chick one!!
I cannot wait to be there to see them in person!!

Mary said...

Corey, watching Bluebirds parent is amazing. Last year I had Bluebirds visit the pond but I haven't seen any this year. I watch them at work - there are two broods!

That's a toad you have there. A handsome one, too.

Chipping sparrows are my favorite sparrow. They're so petite and sweet. They hang around here, too. (Not lately... :o/ )

Keep us posted on the fledglings!

Sparverius said...

I haven't seen bluebirds around here in quite a while. It makes me sad, but their habitat is just plain diminishing under homes, roads, and resorts.

As for Chipping Sparrows. All of yours must be hanging out here with me.

Anonymous said...

Great pix! BTW I'm feeding the majority of the chipping sparrows! You can come see them here anytime!