28 May 2008


This story will be short, yet sweet. Sometimes, little needs to be added.

Today when I picked Lily up from the ChildWatch she proudly displayed her artwork she'd done for me. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a mass of brightly colored scribbles with her name written on the bottom. I told her it was great of course, and then we headed out the door to the hallway. There, we were met by one of the employees, who very matter-of-factly greeted me by saying "Oh hi, Lily told me all about the meteor!"

Umm, what? Meteor? I didn't even know she knew what a meteor was?

"Lily", I said, "What's the story with the meteor?"

"Oh yeah Daddy, I draw a meteor!"

The quizzical look on my face as I turned away to follow Lily out the door must have spoken a thousand words, because the woman just laughed at me and went on about her business. I suppose this afternoon would be a good time to talk to Lily about meteors, being as she's already started drawing them and all. Perhaps I should monitor her TV time a little more closely.

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Anonymous said...

I'm spechless...she is amazing. Your little Minnie Me!