10 August 2008

Eastern Shore Birding & Wildlife Festival

I'm super excited to announce that I've made plans to attend this year's Eastern (Virginia) Shore Birding & Wildlife Festival in Cape Charles, VA. I have never been to a large-scale birding or nature festival of any kind, so this will be my maiden voyage.

In addition to the adventure that comes along with birding a new location at the peak of Fall migration, I've added additional intrigue with my decision to camp outdoors rather than stay in a hotel. The camping bug really bit me last month when Avery and I went to Morrow Mountain State Park for the weekend with a group from CharlotteAreaDads . I tossed around the idea for a few days before I had totally committed to the trip, but as details came together and some well-directed Google searches netted me a high-quality option for camping, I made up my mind and locked it all in. The campground I chose is called Cherrystone Camping Resort , and while it's not exactly primitive camping it will still offer me the chance to be outdoors and spend the weekend totally immersed in my surroundings.

The festival is September 18-21, with the majority of the activities crammed into 48 hours from Friday at noon until Sunday at noon. I sent my priority selections in last week for the festival's many program choices. They offer a wide variety of field trips to some of the local National Wildlife Refuges, parks, and even some on private land. And while birding is the focal point of the festival, there are also numerous butterfly and dragonfly workshops, some of which I look forward to taking advantage of. I will keep you updated as the date gets closer and I find out exactly which trips and workshops I will be attending.


Lynne said...

That sounds like a blast! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Mary said...

I'm jealous. Very.

You'll have so much fun. Birds are great but the butterflies and dragonflies will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

You are going to have so much fun! I hope you will be tent camping. I'll be thinking about you as we enjoy the Italian Lakes...and food!