07 August 2008

Freckle-faced Kid

Mandi asked me the other day to try to get some close-up photos of Lily's face full of freckles. I kept putting it off, thinking I'd wait until I could do it outdoors in the natural light. Well it's been 3 or 4 days, and the feeling that I was procrastinating was weighing heavily on me. I am, after all, a list-checker-offer. Give me a list of stuff to do, I want it done an hour ago. So, while she was eating her lunch today I snapped a couple of shots. Ok, so I took 14. Sometimes quantity is the only elixir for a fidgety subject.

Taking a bite of her sandwich. "Why are you taking pictures Daddy?"

"Can I finish eating please Daddy? Can I see the pictures Daddy?"

"Please can I eat Daddy!?!"


Carolyn said...

Ahhhhh I love that freckled face so much! Did she tell you that Aunt Jaime and I found a couple new ones and named them when she was in Austin with us??

Anonymous said...

you said you took 14 pictures.I only see 3....what's up with that?

Mary said...

She's pretty as a picture. I hope her teenage years don't give you gray hair.

Anonymous said...

She is so precious :)

(I know Mandi from WW.)

Jaime said...

They are the most precious angel kisses!!! Don't let her try to remove them with a safety pin as I tried and it dosen't work.