23 August 2008

Not A Puppet Show

It's not the puppet show, but I did get some fun videos of Lily riding her bikes in front of the house a few days ago. Pure comedic gold this kid is sometimes.

This clip includes her first "spill". What a tough cookie!

I like to call this one "NASCAR practice" . . "Safety helmet's on!"

And the commentary in the last one is just classic Lily. A brief and reluctant appearance by Avery at the end is something of a novelty. She's a touch camera-shy.

As a bit of an aside, we were at Avery's soccer practice and a friend kept an eye on Lily for me while I coached. I heard from Lily from time to time throughout the hour, but really wasn't paying a lot of attention to what she was doing. When practice ended, I came toward the sideline and was informed that Lil was demonstrating her new favorite song to the parents, one that none other than her Meema taught her. The lyrics are approximately as follows:

I see your hiney
All white and shiney!
It makes me giggle
To see it wiggle!

Did I mention that practice was at 8am? What a great song to wake up to, eh?


Lynne said...

LOL! Love that Lily knows to just brush off her hands when she tips and moves on! She is just too cute! These are some precious memories yo've saved here. My Molly is counting down the days until here February birthday when she can get her driver's license...

Lynne said...

I had to come back and comment on the song- When my son John was in preschool we went to his first ever parent-teacher conference. John at that age wouldn't talk much outside of home. At all. The teacher sat us down and smiling said that John had shared something at show and tell!! He shared a joke my brother had taught him. The joke was "pull my finger" (and make a fart sound)

Anonymous said...

Well, Matthew is now singing the "Hiney Song". Thanks Meema!!!

Carolyn said...

Nice Hiney song, thats hilarious! She sure is doing good on that bike!

Erin Tench said...

Hi Corey!

It is Erin Tench. Remember me? I got your link from Carrie "Carolyn." I reconnected with her through linkedin and she has been updating me on your family and sent me your blog link. I hope to be able to connect with all of you again! I hope to be able to see you all soon too. I cannot believe how much Lily looks like you and Jaime from when we were little!

Hope to talk to you soon,

Mary said...

She's a piece of work. Going to be famous one day, you know...

Thanks so much for my second laugh of the night. And congrats to lovely Avery for braving the dreaded video camera :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm crying because I'm missing them, proud of them , embarrased because i'm busted or because it was so darn cute! Keep 'em coming!