06 September 2008

Daddy, I have a cricket in my neck

I'm going to attempt to keep the commentary on these as brief as possible, because they really don't need much. This is a collection of some of the funny things Lily's said recently. There are certainly more, but my memory will only hold on to so much.

This morning, at the breakfast table. "Daddy, I have a cricket in my neck."

At dinner the other night. "I'm going to tell you a scary story. Once upon a time there was no mascara anywhere. At two places or at one place, there was no mascara. And that was really, really, really scary. The end. The end."

In the car, anytime anybody on the radio mentions Barack Obama. "Daddy, why'd he say Barack Obama?!?" She pronounces it exceptionally well.

Anytime the ESPN theme music plays. "DA na NA, DA na NA!"

When asked what her favorite thing was about preschool. "Snack time."

When pressed farther about what she's scared of at bed time. "Monsters and ghostes and bears."

When asked whether she wants sauce on her spaghetti. "Nope, I don't like sauce. No sauce? Noooo problem!"

Just now when I was putting her shoes on. "Daddy, you're not canceling my flight, are you? You're not canceling my flight for Meema to come see me, are you?"

When we got all that rain last week and were driving by the reservoir I told Mandi that they should open the dam. "Daddy, we don't say damn!"

On the phone with her Aunt Jaime the other day. "Jaime, will you come over to my house and play blinkin' blogs with me?" Have to assume she wanted to play Lincoln Logs.

And when you shoot her a thumbs-up with a wink. "Keep it pimpin'!", accompanied by a thumbs-up and a wink in return.


Carolyn said...

The "Keep it Pimpin" is just hilarious...I mean...really?!?!

She sure does love her Meema. :)

Rachel said...

I just found your blog through Carolyn's and I was laughing out loud at your daughters comments!! She is a smart little girl!! Thanks for the laugh!! She and my daughter would be a mess together!

Mary said...

Oh, Corey! People around the office are probably wondering what I'm hooting about...

No mascara anywhere?

blinkin' blogs

The girl's a genius!!!!!!

Meema said...

She slays me! I'm in total agreement on the mascara issue but pimpin...really? BTW tell her you do not have the power to cancel my flights!