26 September 2008

The Name Remains The Same

You can call me a Led Zeppelin fan if you want. I wouldn't . . fan, after all, is short for "fanatic".

I have, however, appreciated the music of Page, Plant, et al since way back in high school. A neighbor, Kevin Byrd (I hope he doesn't mind being made famous), had a great collection of 1970's classic rock music, and he generously allowed me access to it while I babysat his kid. It was then that I discovered Houses of The Holy, and its opening track "The Song Remains The Same". I tell you all of this hoping that you'll forgive me for so blatantly plagarizing the title to this post, which will eventually be about something totally unrelated to Led Zeppelin or their music.

It does have something to do with another partially plagarized title with which you're all familiar . . the title of this blog. I can say with conviction that there were only two books that I read during high school which ever were scanned by my retina any time after that. The first was Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, and I only re-read it because in a discussion about it years later I realized I had absolutely no recollection of what the book was really about. The second, of course, was The Hithchikers Guide to The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. I have re-read The Guide at least ten times since Ms. Wilson's AP English class, and it gets funnier every time. I think it just resonated with my personality . . strange, sarcastic, and often incomprehensible. I chose the name Stay-at-Home Dad's Guide to The Galaxy not because I intended to teach anyone anything, but because I thought it was clever. I stand by that decision.

With that foundation laid, we arrive at the point of this post. As of Wednesday of this week I am gainfully employed and, therefore, no longer exclusively a stay-at-home dad. I have taken a position with the YMCA as Sports Program Coordinator, a job I think fits my skill set nicely.

Communication skills? I'd like to think so.

Experience managing teenagers? Unfortunately, a lot of it.

Ability to effectively handle complaints? Depends on how effective "stuff it" is . .

Essentially, I'll be running the sports leagues for kids age 3-13, including soccer, flag football, baseball, basketball, and whatever else comes along. It was time to get Daddy out of the house a few days a week, and this came along with perfect timing.

Fear not though my loyal reader(s) (really depends on the day), even though its accuracy could now be called into question, I will not be changing the name of the blog. I figure since it was never really that accurate of a name to begin with, it shouldn't cause too much of a stir if I stick with it after changing "titles". Any complaints with this logic can be sent straight to the head of our customer care department. That address is haywoodyabuzzoff@stayathomedadsguide.com.


Mary said...

You slay me with that e-mail address!

Good going, Corey! You have what it takes - the humor and sarcasm to take hold of haughty kids and keep them grounded.

Hurray! I can't wait to hear more.

mandik said...

LOL babe! I think it will work out great!

Sparverius said...

Sounds like something you will absolutely love!

Carolyn said...

You better not change the name of the blog, I love it!
Congrats on the job, you'll be great at it!

Felicia said...

Congratulations! You can now join me in the club for People With No Longer Totally Appropriate Blog Titles!

Your new job sounds great--best of luck with it, and remember, the universe is safer with a towel!

Anonymous said...

I love witnessing the evolution of your family....it's all good!