30 October 2008

Just An Update

This post will contain no funny stories.

Why, you ask?

Simple, really. Retention is directly proportional to sleep.

You'll recall my first post after bringing Mason home, where I claimed that he was showing promise as a much better sleeper than Lily ever was. Put simply, that was more than just a mild case of counting my chickens before they hatch. Rather, it was full-blown premature elation.

I know, I know, the bad puns are getting old. Refer back, if you will, to two paragraphs ago. As it turns out, a mature sense of humor is also directly proportional to sleep. Sorry . . you'll either deal with it or you'll navigate away to the next stop on your blog roll. This is the best I've got under the circumstances.

In place of any funny stories I've decided to offer you photos of the family. Everybody loves a good picture, eh?

Mason's getting really big. At his 2-week appointment he'd gained 13 ounces and a half inch in length. I think his cheeks look chubbier too. He's actually laying on the floor in this picture, playing with his big sisters. They look forward to their few minutes a day of play-with-the-baby time.

Aside from their propensity to put their hands all over his face, they're both really good with him. Lily, for some reason, really likes to shove the pacifier into his mouth at the first sign of any unhappiness. We're working on that with her, but she's as sweet as can be otherwise.

Mason's not so excited about sleeping in his bassinet most times. He seems to prefer the more upright position afforded to him by the swing and the carseat.

We did a dry run on the Halloween costumes last weekend. Mandi and Sarah were planning to take the girls to a Halloween party at North Mecklenburg Park, just down the road in Huntersville. They got all costumed up, drove down there, and then when they got out of the van Mandi heard a hissing sound that could only be one thing (OK, I guess it could have been a King Cobra, but it wasn't). The left rear tire of her van was leaking air, and this was no slow leak. She loaded the girls back in the car (Lily was not happy about missing the party) and brought them home. I spent the better part of Sunday morning at WalMart getting the rear tires replaced (they're the ONLY ones open for tires on Sundays). But I digress . . the costumes looked great, and the girls are excited for their second go-round tomorrow night.


Jaime said...

I love all of the pics! Mason looks so precious, I can't wait to meet him!

Lynne said...

Hang in there Corey. Before you know it you'll be chasing Mason around the house!

Sara G said...

Great pics!
Happy Halloween to you all!
Take care.

Carolyn said...

I love the picture update, been missing those faces!!!
The costumes looks great, thats a whole lotta face paint right there!
(small thing I noticed in that picture BTW...but Ave has Mandi's hands) Random, I know, but I noticed.
:) Love you! Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

So nice, the photo of your beautiful wife and children, gathering every ounce of energy you have to keep life as usual with that lovely boy sapping your strength every hour...

Corey! Hang in there, keep your fabbo writing skills going when you can, and enjoy the young ones because, believe me, one day you will look back at this blog and wonder what happened to the good old days when you had an overload of blogging fodder. After Avery and Lili attend their Senior Prom.

I'll shut up now.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of all of you.....and did I mention missing you like crazy? Thanks for the beautiful pix...keep em coming!