12 October 2008

More Pics From Day 1

Mason had some more visitors later on in the afternoon Friday. His Aunt Emily and his cousin Taylor came by, as well as a lot of Mandi's friends from work. Some more folks came by on Saturday while I was at work and at Avery's soccer game, but the camera had the day off. Thanks to everyone for all of the well-wishes. Mason's doing really well so far, still eating well and just generally being a chilled out baby. He LOVES to snuggle his mommy after he's done eating, and he really loves to be wrapped up in the blanket his Aunt Carolyn made for him. We'll keep you posted!


Mary said...


Congratulations to all of you! Mason is a very lucky little boy to have a great Dad and all those girls spoil him :o)

Nice slide show!


Carolyn said...

I am so ready to meet my little guy!!! I am counting down the hours till I get to kiss that face. I LOVE that he loves the blanket. :)

Felicia said...

Belated congratulations to you and your family! What an amazing time this must be for all of you--Mason is adorable (love that red hair!)

All the best to the bunch of you!

Sara G said...

Congratulations on your new baby boy!! I bet your girls will love "mothering" him too!!
You all take care and enjoy your family!!