05 November 2008

Back To What's Important

Sometimes, like right after he eats, Mason likes to pose for picures. As he's drifting off to sleep a wry little smile will creep over his face. Capturing the exact moment is difficult, but this is pretty close.

Ten tiny toes, all lined up in a row. Try to do this with your feet . . hurts my groin muscles just thinking about it!

Delerium, especially that caused by lack of sleep due to caring for a new baby, can make almost any nickname sound cute and appropriate. While most of Mason's nicknames are just generic baby stuff, I called him by one the other day that Mandi really didn't care for. I explained where it came from and why I thought of it and she was still underwhelmed. I figured I'd just let it go. Then, this afternoon, I was caught off guard when as she finished feeding him she looked down at his little half-open mouth with the milk moustache and said, "Did you get enough to eat Milquetoast?"

"Ah ha!!! You do like that nickname after all!"

"I just kinda couldn't help it when I saw his milky little mouth," she replied.

"I think it's perfect," I said, "except for that whole based-on-a-cartoon-cockroach thing."

For those not familiar, Milquetoast is the loveable cockroach in the Opus and Bloom County comic strips. I know, it's random and vague, but that's part of it's appeal to me. It's not really mainstream, which means nobody else will have it, and not everyone will get it. Perfect! This is kinda what his milk face looks like.

The next picture was just funny. I call this the "Fitch", after my grandfather. My sisters used to give him crap all the time because he'd use his middle finger to point, instead of his index finger. I have no idea why he did that, but it's a lasting memory.

And finally, I call this one the "Daddy, I'm trying to take a nap, can you please knock it off with the bright flashes!" look. I imagine this won't be the last time I get that look.


Carolyn said...

OOOOOHHH those faces are awesome! The Fitch is SO FUNNY!!! Papa will love that.

I can't pronounce your nickname so I will have to make one up on my own. This should be fun!

Lynne said...

Soooo sweet! He's a handsome little boy.

Mary said...

Yeah, back to what's important. This is.

Corey said...

Carolyn . . seriously . . "qu" sounds like "k". Milk toast.

Jaime said...

Oh My Goodness he is so precious!! You don't think the "Fitch" was also his way of telling you enough already with the pictures :)
Can't wait to hold him!