23 November 2008


Winter tends to be a little slow around my back yard. Pigeons and Mourning Doves tend to dominate the landscape as well as the feeders. I feel silly paying top dollar for black oil sunflower seeds just to have them devoured in 20 minutes by a flock of unruly pigeons, but I do it nonetheless.

Last year I had one single Yellow-rumped Warbler that would stop by occasionally and visit my suet feeder. I assumed it was just one individual bird because I never saw more than one at a time. Who knows, maybe Butter-butts just have really good buffet-line manners and they were taking turns.

Anyway, this year word seems to have gotten around to the rest of the warblers that I serve a mean breakfast, because by 8:00 a.m. these days I have no less that 7 or 8 of them flitting about and generally just annoying the larger birds.

They're joined occasionally by a House Finch and a few American Goldfinches.

The Bluebirds are still hanging around too. That box is one that I made and gave to our neighbors. The birds check it out regularly, hopefully they'll nest there next Spring.


Mary said...

Darn. You have warblers. How can we live so close and have different birds? Oh, you are near a nature trail :o)

Hey, my pigeons left the day after I pulled the feeders. Where are they now? Hmmmm?

Corey said...

Isn't it strange? I have seen one Junco in my yard in the nearly 4 years I've lived here, last year the morning we got that snowfall. I don't even see them at the nature trail, which is over-run with every other kind of sparrow you can name.

Thanks for the pigeons . . next time can I just have a lump of coal?