10 November 2008

Look What I Found

This is an accidental post. I was looking through old digital photos, trying to find one in particular. I didn't find it, but I did find this one.

Isn't it funny how some things change so much while others don't change at all.


Carolyn said...

This post melts my heart! She is such a great big sister, I am so proud of her!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Still want to find a newborn of you for comparison!

Mary said...

Lily holding Mason and Avery holding Lily? Am I right?

Beeeutiful and sweet. All three :o)

Hope you, Mandi and all three are rested, but, in your house that might be questionable. Enjoy the days.

Corey said...

Mary, the first photo is of Avery holding Lily 3+ years ago, and the second is Avery holding Mason last week. I think it's crazy how much Avery has changed in that time frame and how much Lily and Mason look alike as babies. Ironic too that she was in the same spot on the same (old) couch holding both of them.