20 February 2009


I am going to make some changes to the blog today, just in the spirit of staying up-to-date.  I'll be taking down my Big Year list, as certainly enough time has passed for anyone who's interested to perouse it.  I may add some photos to the sidebar to take up space, and perhaps some other gadgets (if the good folks at Blogger have gotten them up and running yet).  That is all.


Carolyn said...

Just don't go private on me or nothin'. :)

PS: more pictures of the kids please.

that is all, thank you.

Mary said...

Looks good. They say less is more? I need to clean up my blog, too.

I have a question. How can I cut my blogroll back from 80 to 25?

And Carolyn needs more pics of the kids. We all do.