10 September 2007

I can't believe I'm a blogger . .

Today's entry, officially my first as a Stay-at-Home-Dad blogger, will be short and sweet. I look forward to offering anecdotes and advice (taken at your own risk) to all my fellow CFO's out there. That's Chief Family Officer, if you haven't seen that particular euphemism yet . . one thing I'll promise you is that this particular site will utilize any and every tool, tactic, term, and gizmo to add validation to the role I've chosen.


Anonymous said...

It will count as a random act of kindness as long as the neighbor is not in the process of testing new fertilizer or weed killer. Also....you must never take credit for doing it. Do you remember when we recieved the note from the Homeowners Association in Valley Ranch complaining about the weeds at the pool next door to us?? We had a hard time believing that anyone had so little to do. Happy to see you getting involved!

Anonymous said...

Ave's desire to move to the basement reminds me of your sister's wish to go to the wine country, Martha's Vinyard specifically! I told her we'd go as soon as they moved it to yhe wine country! Moral of the story is: when a girl has a dream.....let her have it!
Love the bathtime memories.....you remember perfectly! Maybe it has something to do with male enthusiasm while scrubbing!