11 October 2007

10 New Recipes

For those who are interested, there are about 10 new recipes available on the site (since Monday). The Crispy Crusted Red Snapper recipe works well for a variety of similar fish choices (Tilapia or Catfish come to mind) and is really tasty. The Coconut and Beef Curry with Noodles was VERY spicy, but cutting the amount of curry paste back would accommodate your preferences and still yield a very tasty dish. Almond Chive Salmon is quick and easy and can be varied in many ways, such as substituting different herbs or nuts. The Banana Bread recipe came from a friend of ours from our restaurant days, and it's unbelievable. Even Avery eats it!

I added a new poll question today, so take a minute and give me your thoughts on it. Any comments on recipes you've tried are certainly welcome!

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