16 October 2007

"I'm Eating Candy Corn"

This is just a quick, funny Lily story . . I felt I needed to post something just to get back in the flow. It's tough to find the time to blog when Mandi's out of town.

So I'm dumping the litterbox and generally just straightening up the house when Lily comes meandering in to the laundry room and says "I'm eating candy corn Daddy." I paused, thinking I had taken the last few away from her before her nap, and wondered if I could have been dumb enough to leave them somewhere she could reach (which is almost everywhere now). I asked her where she got them, expecting her just to tell me that she found one on the couch or something similarly benign. When she responded "In the trash can Daddy" with the utmost level of nonchalance, I gave one of my defeatist sighs and just shook my head. I guess she wasn't really feeling me when I told her she couldn't have any more snacks before dinner time . .

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