04 June 2008

First Fruits . .

I am a male, and as such I am very motivated by results. Specifically, I'm very keen on results that are visible. I fully expect that every single male of the species would appreciate results like the sight of "freshly mown carpet". Isn't that just a satisfying feeling?

Anyway, I've had mostly good results (and a few disappointments) from my gardening endeavors this season so far, and I thought I'd share.

Before the Square Foot Garden went in, I started some herbs from seeds in the garage. A few of them didn't pan out, but for the most part I've been happy. There's a second pot equally as impressive as this one of basil, which is a huge score for us. I love fresh basil, and these 6 plants are promising very good results.

The cilantro I started from seeds did not do so well, so I added this one (below, right) from a pot. The chives (not pictured), parsley, and dill are doing well though.

These showed up out of nowhere on the cherry tomato plant on our porch this morning. Actually, Lily found them while scouring the plants for spiders and other creepy crawlies.

This one will eventually be a Better Boy tomato. I got some stakes for the tomatoes today, just in case this one needs it, and in case the fence-for-a-trellis idea doesn't pan out in the garden.

The other plants in the garden are looking strong, especially the strawberry plants. I was most excited to see sprouts appearing from below the soil where my pea seeds were sown. Fresh peas right from the vine would be such a treat!

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up with, as one friend suggested, waterloupes from planting the watermelon and cantaloupe too close together!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed...my basil is a few weeks behind yours & I can already taste it...that's one of my favorites. Do youo remember when C would make lunch out of whatever was ripe in our garden in CS? I can see Lily doing the same! Enjoy

Carolyn said...

I would make lunch out of whatever was in the garden, yes...but I also took pride in the fact that I regularly contributed to the compost and fertilization of said garden. So in that regard, Lily and I could be very similar...but the "looking around for spiders and creepy crawley things..."....not so much.