15 July 2008

Boycott Carowinds Theme Park

Sunday afternoon something very disturbing happened at Carowinds, a popular amusement and water park here in the Charlotte area. Instead of re-writing the story, I will give you a link to our local newspaper and their article regarding the issue. Once you've read it, I hope you'll understand why I'm calling for a boycott of the parks. I don't for a minute think that places like this can stop people from misbehaving, but when it's called to their attention they have a responsibility to their guests to remove the offender swiftly. I personally will not take my family to Carowinds ever again, and I feel that a large outcry from their clientele is the most effective way to get them to enact some changes to their operation. If you would like to let them know how you feel about this situation you should send an email to guestrelations@carowinds.com .


Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness thats absurd that they did nothing about that sick guy! Keep Lily and Ave far away from that place, I agree.
So sick and so sad.

Lynne said...

I would NEVER set foot in that place again and I'd be a vocal as possible about my opinion too.

Mary said...

What's wrong with this picture? Security is supposed to provide security. Hey, now I'm rolling. Here at work if we call security, we get VOICE MAIL. How about THAT?

The pervert should have been cuffed and arrested on the spot.

I've never been to Carowinds, thank goodness.