18 July 2008

This Is What Relaxing Looks like

How many vacations have you taken in your life that have actually resulted in relaxation? Pose that question to me and the answer will be in the single digits. Probably less than 3. But if all goes as planned (or not planned, as the case may be) the number will be increasing by one after this week's trip.

I will grant you that driving for twelve hours with two kids and a pregnant wife does not exactly count as relaxing. So technically speaking, this trip will neither start nor end in a particularly relaxing manner. However, the time between drives is shaping up to be as peaceful as any in recent memory.

Since we arrived Wednesday afternoon, we've done a grand total of absolutely nothing. No planned outings, no big trips into town, and no fancy meals. The girls have been content to play together and create their own fun, and Mandi and I have been usurping wireless internet access and generally just vegging out. One decision I made about this trip, because I was here just 2 weeks ago and had great results birding, is that I'd leave the binoculars behind. That way I wouldn't be tempted to while away the family time in pursuit of the birds. It was definitely the right decision. I've still got some great backyard birds to keep me engaged, and the extra time has been spent doing, well, very little.


Carolyn said...

YEAH! I love that you guys are relaxing so much...I really wish I were there to do nothing with you. Enjoy your time, give the girls hugs from Aunt C!

Lynne said...


It sounds like you all are having a perfect vacation. Enjoy yourselves!

Sparverius said...

It sounds wonderful. I could use a little time for nothing but time.

Mary said...

I know the type of vacation you are referring to - the ones where you need to get back home for a much needed rest!

Enjoy, Corey. Doing nothing sounds divine.