29 July 2008

A Brief Return

Yesterday I saw a juvenile bluebird in a very intriguing spot. He was on my tray-feeder. There must be a shortage of bugs on the ground nearby, because these guys aren't supposed to be seed eaters. Somebody must have forgotten to tell him that.

He paused on the fence briefly, then piddled around on the ground looking for ants and spiders. I tried to get a little bit closer, but I spooked him before I could focus the camera. As what I can only assume was his way of helping me confirm his suspected odd behavior, he returned to the same location this afternoon. I can't say for sure if this is one of the four that just fledged my nestbox this weekend, but I'd like to think it is.


Carolyn said...

Don't get me wrong...I love this birdie. He is a cute one. Great photos of him. However...I am in DIAR need of a funny Avery and Lily story with many pictures to accompany it.

I'm a phene and you're depriving me right now.

mandik said...

Awwwww, he's a cute little guy huh?

Corey said...

First of all . . diar? Don't drink and type. Dire need. Like Dire Straits . . "I want my MTV".

Second, you're a phene? Like a phenylalanine? Perhaps you're a fiend . . you know, like a dope fiend? Sheesh, girl turns 29 and all of a sudden she's making 2 egregious spelling errors in one little blog comment!!!

Mary said...

They're so sweet and funny while learning the ropes.

I'm sure he's the same one... Looks like he's staying :o) Lucky you.

Sparverius said...

I love bluebirds. He's looking so curious, there.

Carolyn said...

How dare I label myself the Grammar police when I know goodgoshdarnwell that YOU are in fact, the real, the only one.
My apologies sir. ;)