01 August 2008

Sleepy Rugrat

It's amazing the difference an hour and a slight change in routine makes.

Lily went to bed late last night, a little after 9pm. This morning she was up at 6, versus her customary-of-late 7. Couple that reduction in sleep with our decision to go swimming before lunch today and what you get is one sleepy rugrat.

See, what had happened was, we came home from the pool and had lunch, and then Lily spied a Blow Pop in Mandi's work bag and begged us for it. We relented, mostly because she's been such a good girl lately, and she quietly went in to the playroom to watch Franklin before her nap. 20 or so minutes later, as she heard the closing credits roll on the show, Mandi called from the living room and said "Lily, Franklin's over, it's nap time!"

No response.

As Mandi started to call out again I shushed her and suggested that Lily might just have fallen asleep on the couch. I snuck in to assess the situation and found her sound asleep, sitting upright on the couch, with a firm grip on the lollipop (which was stuck to the fine hairs on her leg). As I tried to gently remove the stick from her hand she woke up, eyes wide open, and pulled it back away from me. I grabbed it again and took it, telling her it was time for her nap. She immediately started bawling, and it was all I could do to calm her down before I put her to bed. Kiddo loves her some junk food!

Thankfully that brief nap on the couch did not ruin our chances at a full nap in the bed. One quick bedtime story and she was out like a light.


Lynne said...

Sweet Lily photo especially with the sucker stuck to her leg.
Did you save her sucker for her for later?

Carolyn said...

See what had happened was....so cute. She is the cutest sleepy rugrat EVER!
Thanks for the quick recovery...needed that one!

Corey said...

LOL, yes Lynne, we saved the sucker for her!

Mary said...

Oh, gosh. The lollipop stuck to her leg is hilarious.

When my daughter was still in a high chair, I rounded the corner to find her eyes rolling back in her head before she gave out and rested her right check in mashed potatoes and peas. (Of course, I had to find the camera before waking her up.)

That ever happen to Lily?