08 July 2008

I Surrender

Whether you choose to believe me or not, I do put some thought and effort into dressing my children. Sometimes, however, it's just hopeless.

Lily's affinity for dresses and skirts has not lessened. If anything, it's even harder now than it's ever been to convince her to wear shorts or, God forbid, pants. The curious thing is that now, seemingly overnight, her preferred choice of footwear has changed. My dainty little girl, who for so long insisted on only wearing sandals or "tappin' shoes", has suddenly developed an taste for tennis shoes.

The resulting ensemble is downright ghastly in appearance, especially when fancy socks are brought in to the equation. This, I'm convinced, is ingrained in Lily's DNA . . passed down from her mommy, who's most favorite simple pleasure is wearing interesting socks to work and having a stranger compliment her on them. I'm not even kidding a little bit, feel free to confirm this nugget with Mandi if you'd like.

So this morning, as I was getting lily dressed, I strapped up her Velcro tennis shoes and attempted to push her socks down around her ankles. She would have absolutely no part in that nonsense, proclaiming "No Daddy, I want them to be big!", meaning she wanted them pulled up over her calves Steve Erkle-style. Whatevs. This is the result.

To make matters worse, after her nap was over she decided that she was going to raid her sock drawer and use the others to accessorize her outfit. I can't say for sure that she got this behavior from her mommy, but I also can't directly rule it out. Anything's possible, and we'll just leave it at that. I apologize about the quality of this picture, I had forgotten to take the camera out of "close-up" mode and it was struggling to decide on a focal point.


Carolyn said...

Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom?


Amy! said...

Now Corey, Lilly looks no different than commuters I've seen in major cities with suits and tennis shoes! Maybe she is a CEO in training:)


Anonymous said...

I promise I didn't teach her that! She looks gorgeous no matter what she does or doesn't wear...miss her.