08 July 2008

The New Babies

Our third (and presumably final) brood of Eastern Bluebirds hatched this weekend . . right on schedule. 14 days after the last egg was laid, 4 little naked chicks emerged from their shells to the strange new world that is my side yard.

I've made 5 official visits to the nest so far, at least for the purpose of making recordings. For the sake of reporting the data to Nestwatch, I will make one or two more visits to note the date the birds fledge the nest and the overall success of the brood. So far, so good I'd say, as on this their third day of life there are still 4 living birds in the nest. For those of you who just can't get enough pictures of new babies, here you go! The first photo clearly shows the 4 open mouths, while the second is in a bit better focus.


Anonymous said...

Great photos!!!

Mary said...

I love your blog. Gimme time to catch up. Next few days...