11 September 2008

Homemade Obstacle Course

"Daddy, can I snuggle you?"

"No Lily, not right now, Daddy's watching Jeopardy."


"No Lily, maybe in a few minutes."

"OK, I'll just go jump off this obstacle course instead."

"Well that sounds great Lily, have fun!"

The following is what came next.

A couple of things:

- At the beginning, when she gives the little thumbs-up . . rewind it to there and turn the volume up. Proof positive of her propensity to encourage folks to "keep it pimpin".

- Do I sound like Bert from Sesame Street in real life? When I hear myself on video the only thing I can think of is "Rubber ducky, you're the one, you make bathtime so much fun!" Seriously . . do I? Not that I could do anything about it if I did, but I'd like to know. I think the chances of me actually sounding like Bert and not a single person I've ever encountered telling me so are very slim, but I just have to ask. Be honest, but be gentle.


Lynne said...

No, not Bert....


Anonymous said...

LOL! Hey Bert!!!

Jaime said...

I love her little Chicken Dance, she cracks me up! You are definately not as nasal as Bert! Love Ya!

Carolyn said...

I have always hated the way I sound on recordings and on video...it's all in your head, you dont sound like Bert. ;)

Keep it Pimpin!!!

Mary said...

You have a very nice voice. I would have never thought you sound like Bert until you said something :o)

Love that little chicken dance!

Mary said...

I meant to say, "...until you mentioned it." Gentle, gentle.