12 September 2008

Silence . . not always golden

Ten minutes without hearing from Lily, unless she's sleeping, is an unusual thing. As I was just reminded, it typically means she's up to no good. Seemingly out of nowhere, she just called to me from the stairs, "Daddy, I got some new ponies!"

Oy. The only ponies upstairs are in Avery's room, and with Avery across the street playing this definitely spelled trouble. I grabbed the camera (it's becoming a reflex these days when Lily calls out) and headed toward the front door. Look at this little monster.

Not to worry . . we've reassembled Avery's room, and hopefully she'll be blissfully unaware that anything ever happened.


Lynne said...

Love the wink and LOVELY lip gloss!

Have a good weekend.

Carolyn said...

Well look at THAT lipstick job. That's impressive. Glad those ponies were back in place before Miss OCD herself came back. ;)