16 September 2008

The Tooth Fairy Returns

It seems these days that the thing that sparks Avery's imagination above all else is the Tooth Fairy. She's been talking for weeks about a molar that's been loose. Sunday afternoon as we were sitting in traffic it finally popped all the way out. I was a bit shocked when she showed me, as it was not tooth-colored, but rather a nice shiny silver one. As much money as that crown surely cost, it was about to cost another dollar.

The traffic was bad, so by the time we arrived home I'd forgotten about the tooth. An hour or so later as she was getting ready for bed Avery reminded me by asking, "Corey, do you think the Tooth Fairy will come tonight, or was it too late?"

"I'm not sure Ave, I guess it just depends how busy she was this weekend." I ALWAYS leave myself an out.

I remember thinking about making the exchange before bed that night, but it completely escaped me until 5:30 Monday morning. As Mandi left for work I remembered to get her last dollar from her wallet. Knowing I had at least half an hour until Avery woke up, I went upstairs with the money and opened her door. As I tiptoed in I noticed the note was tucked in neatly next to the tooth pouch. In my most clandestine effort to retrieve the pouch I brushed the paper, and the sound caused her to stir. I abandoned the mission and quickly closed the door, making my way across the hall and out of sight. I was not ready to have this particular rouse exposed.

At around 6:30 that same morning, having eaten her breakfast and informed me of the Tooth Fairy's failure to appear, Avery asked me "Corey, was that you in my room this morning?"

"Umm, yeah."

"What were you doing in there?"

Talk about having your feet held directly over the flame . . "Umm, I came in to wake you up for school but then I realized it was a little too early, so I just let you sleep in."

Sometimes her gullibility is an asset in disguise. "Oh, OK", she said. And that was that.

Fast forward to Monday night. Avery is a very private person, and as such she always closes her bedroom door all the way at night. Not wanting to give away my presence by the sound of the latch clicking, I tried to figure a way to get it open as she was falling asleep. My strategy? Use Lily. Lily was heading to bed just moments after Avery, and she wanted to go in and give her big sister a ni-night kiss. Seeing an opportunity to get the door open, I coalesced. In a stroke of complete luck, Avery had already dozed off when Lily opened the door, so we slowly backed away and I left the door cracked. Now, it's on.

About an hour later, as my interest in Monday Night Football was waning and my eyelids grew heavy, I made my way over to Avery's door. I had a hall light on that shone just enough indirect light into the room for me to navigate, without disturbing Avery's sleep. I approached the pillows and this time noticed that the tooth pouch was front and center, but that the letter had been pushed back too far for me to risk reaching for it. I made the lightning-quick exchange of cash for crown, replaced the pouch at the edge of the bed, and hauled ass. The note would have to go unread for the night. My only concern was that in discovering the Tooth Fairy's oversight, Avery would abandon the note and possibly throw it away. Thankfully, she left it for me. Here it is in all its green-inked glory. A typed transcript of the note will follow the picture, just for ease of reading. I fixed a few key typos just so it's understandable.

Dear Toothfairy, I loved the note that you sent me last time. Do you realy live in fairyland? Do you go to sleep? If you do when? Are you smaller or bigger than that note? Is there a fairy post ofice? Do you have different pairs of clothes? Are you an expert about teeth? OK I have asked a lot but can you send me another note? I love you sending me notes its just so cool. How far away is fairyland? OK I'm done but this time can you please leave me a drawing or something of you? Thank you for your time and I have two more loose ones so I bet I'll see you soon. Have a safe trip. Love, Avery p.s. Can you please leave a note and money here too? Thank you.

I don't think any more is required from me. Jaime, I'd like to enlist your help once again, if you're so inclined.


Carolyn said...

I made the lightning-quick exchange of cash for crown, replaced the pouch at the edge of the bed, and hauled ass.

LMFAO! You are so funny!!! I love that she has such an imagination about these things...she is so sweet.

Jaime said...

I would love to help out! Will get to work on another note asap!