26 January 2009

25 Things

This is copied from an item I posted on Facebook.  Worth sharing here I thought (and so did Mary :-) ).

1. My least favorite thing in the world is hair on stuff . . you know, on the soap, in the sink, on the floor, stuck to my clothes. HATE random hair everywhere.

2. I once had more speeding tickets than years old, including one for driving 120 in a 55. Pretty sure this is the first my mom has heard about that. Somehow I managed not to go to jail that night. 

3. My dad could have been a major league baseball player.

4. I'm on day 16 of wearing a beard, the longest I've ever done so. I believe it's here to stay.

5. In 8th and 9th grade my life's ambition was to be a rap music writer. Man, I wonder what ever happened to Mike Gilmer.

6. At one point, I thought Westbrook Teer's Geo Tracker was a cool car.

7. My favorite smells are basil, ozone (like you smell after it starts raining), and the smoke from a spinning tire.

8. My favorite band is Barenaked Ladies. A distant second is Rascal Flatts.

9. I love to cook, and that includes baking. 

10. My most embarrassing moment was in a 4th grade trivia contest at school. Before the emcee could finish his question about the vegetable company whose slogan included the phrase "Ho ho ho", I blurted out "Santa Claus!". The entire place laughed mercilessly at me for what seemed like an hour.

11. I missed out on a full scholarship to Vanderbilt by 0.04 grade points.

12. My favorite hobby is birding. I wish I could figure out a way to make it a job.

13. I regret telling Coach Springer "no" all those times she begged me to run cross-country in high school.

14. If I had to pick one place to live for the rest of my life, it would be Nashville.

15. My dream job would be some sort of Eco-tourism guide. Too bad I'm grossly under-qualified.

16. I enjoy vacuuming. More to the point, I love the look of "freshly mowed carpet", like the outfield of a well-kept baseball field.

17. My favorite vacation of all time was when Mandi and I went to Boston, Scranton, and Pittsburgh when we were dating. 

18. I broke my pinky toe while jousting in an inflatable "ring", and was off of my feet for 8 weeks. It required 2 screws to repair it surgically. 

19. I'm incredibly cheap, but an above-average tipper.

20. There's only one food I refuse to eat. Eggplant. 

21. I lived in Miami for 9 of the most forgettable months of my life.

22. My favorite TV show is 24. 

23. My freshman year in college I charged friends $1.00 per item to iron their clothes. Straight cash homey.

24. I don't get the obsession some people have with New York City. 

25. I love my kids in a way I never knew I could love anyone or anything. Their dad will never let them down.


Anonymous said...

Hey Corey it's June. I need to see this 16 day old beard!! Liked the post!!

Jaime said...

We'll follow you to Nashville in a heartbeat, then we could be closer! 24 Rocks! Oh, and I also want to see a beard pic, bet it looks great!

Corey said...

Ok guys . . I finally replaced the "Thanksmas '07" photo with one of the beard.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE the beard Cor!! Looks good on you!

And its glaringly obvious how much you love those kids!! You're a fantastic dad.

Carolyn said...

And, btw: I lived in Miami for 9 of the most forgettable months of my life.

Thats hilarious! BUT BUT BUT You lived close to MEEEE!!!!

Carolyn said...

And BTW Eastcreeks Geo Tracker WAS a cool car back then...but nothing like the SS.

Mary said...

Oh, yeah, and hair on stuff makes me sick.

I don't get all googly about NYC, either. That city wears you out.

Mary said...

Back to hair on stuff...sort of like beach sand in the bed and spilled salt on the dinner table. Aaaaaaa!

TEAMMA said...

that was funny...saw your blog off your sisters... i can get you mike gilmers info if you want it? angela jennings