22 January 2009


That's French . . just FYI. Here, try it again with me. FEE-nahl-mont! Don't you feel like a sophisticated world traveler now? You're welcome.

Yeah, so anyway, my yard was finally visited by those most elusive of thistle-eaters this morning, the Pine Siskins! Every birder in the Greater Charlotte region has reported having these uncommon winter visitors at their feeders this year, and I'd begun to feel a little (OK, a lot) left out. One guy must have mentioned his 50+ Pine Siskins 3 or 4 times . . braggart.

Not really expecting anything different, but not having anything pressing to accomplish, I went out onto the patio this morning to try to get a shot of a bird I affectionately call the Chicken Pigeon. The pigeons don't really appreciate the sound of the back door though (perhaps they've heard all of the BB gun talk), so I settled for shots of what I thought were just my usual American Goldfinches. When what to my wondering eye did appear? A siskin, doing his best to blend in! That's him (her?) there on the left of the yellow thistle feeder. I approached for better footage.

"Where'd everybody go?

"Sweet! I've got it all to myself! You finches don't know what you're missing, this thistle is BANGIN'!"

"Whoa there, you with the big black clicky thing! A little too close for comfort with that last step. This willow tree looks like a good place to blend in with the locals. 'Sup butter-butt?"

"Dude, you're still here? Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!"

Don't mind if I do.


Lynne said...

I'm glad you got one. Just wait until an entire flock decends on your thistle and sucks it up like a shop-vac! Lots of folks find them aggressive/bossy but I like them. They're cheeky.

Carolyn said...

oOOOoooOOhhhHHHhhh!!! I like his/her markings and the streak of yeller...very pretty.

Mary said...

Yay! You crack me up. Glad they are there. They are not shy and have huge appetites. Yeah, they're cheeky!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of those birds...nor have I ever heard anyone in Paris saying that french word you just taught us! I must be living in a cave!