26 October 2007

Always A Bridesmaid . .

Unfortunately Ave didn't win the prize for the craziest hair today. Her teacher told her hers was definitely the cutest, but cute was not the goal. The winner, her friend Elise, had her naturally curly hair teased up around a plastic soda bottle ala Marge Simpson. I guess it was a shock value thing. I should have expected that Elise would come out guns-a-blazin' for this contest . . she is, after all, the one Avery got the iPhone idea from. The silver lining is that Ave came home with a red ribbon pinned to her shirt that reads "The future relies on you & me, be drug free." There I go again, in typical underdog fashion, trying to come out of this week with a moral victory . . I suppose one of these days I'll start expecting to win. Maybe I'll start after Lily's potty trained.

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