27 October 2007

Mandi's Off To DC

Just a quick reminder to everyone that Mandi's off to Washington DC this morning to sign in for the 2007 Marine Corps Marathon! She's currently enjoying all the creature comforts of the Atlanta airport, then it's off to our nation's capital for a rendez-vous with a few of her "bitches" from her online community. This is her second year doing the MCM, and one of the best parts about last year's 'thon was being able to track her progress right here on my computer. I've already set myself up to do that again this year, and I'm excited because they've added some features that will allow me to follow her without being tethered to the desk. The site allows you to have updates sent to your cell phone or pager when she crosses all of the splits, as well as by email, so I can take the girls to the park and not lose touch with Mommy. And if you're in front of the computer, they have an interactive course map that will show you where she is in relation to all of the monuments and landmarks in DC. If you want to keep track of her progress, visit the link at the left side of the blog that says "Mandi's Marathon Tracking" and follow the instructions. It's free, and it takes no time to set up.

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