26 October 2007

Crazy Hair Day

Yesterday was "Wear Your Favorite Jersey" Day, which in most households I'm sure translated into "Wear Dad's Favorite Jersey" Day. No exception here, as I paraded out an old Vanderbilt Football jersey I have had for years and told Avery "This is what you're wearing today." To my delight she did not object, and we got her all dressed up, complete with matching Black and Gold bows in her hair. Mandi doesn't exactly keep costume make-up around the house, otherwise I would have had the black stripes under her eyes too. Well apparently the slack-ass teacher ran out of prizes and no official winner was named, but unofficially Avery was told that "If there was going to be a winner, it'd be you." Not to worry, when it comes to things associated with Vandy Football we've grown quite accustomed to those 'moral victories'. So today was our last chance at a prize for the week, the ever popular "Crazy Hair" Day. In the past we've done Shrek hair and other variations . . Avery's got a pretty good canvas for being creative on this one. Today our theme was "Everything but the kitchen sink", and I think we've got a legitimate shot at victory. We'd better win, it took me so long to do it that we missed the bus and I had to drive Ave to school! I'll let you know later on how we did . .

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C said...

moral victory, schmoral schmictory...i want a win today with that hair! Those braids are reminiscent of my braiding skills...good job bro!