10 March 2008

Been Busy . . And Sick

I'm disheartened to report that I have nothing of interest to report. Things have been happening so fast and furiously lately that I hardly have the time to spin them into words. There are updates to come on potty training, birding, pregnancy, and sleepovers. I've just got to get my mind around the details and weave them into prose as I so often do. Sunday, the day I really expected to be getting caught up on my posting, was spent battling a mild case of the stomach flu. It was about 18 hours worth of wretched misery that I am hoping to not relive any time soon. My dear wife surprised me by coming to my rescue early from work, which sped up my recovery substantially.

So no, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth . . I'll be back in the swing of things soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you were sick Cor...I think I had a touch of that last week...never got out of bed til 3:30 in the afternoon & didn't eat for 2 days! Sounds just like me, right? We just returned from Vegas....sorry for the lack of communication. I left my phone charger at home & my phone has been dead since friday night! I'm at the folks right now & will be driving to Ft Myers tmrw afternoon. I have a charger there so I'll be back in touch. I have some potty ideas!