13 March 2008


Ok, the joke's over. Very funny people. Now will someone please return my child and retrieve this substitute that's been left in her place? I mean really . . is this the best you could do? Seriously, if you're going to switch kids with me and expect me to fall for it, you could at least have found a sub that didn't sleep until 8:30 in the freakin' morning! You don't really expect me to believe that this is my child, do you? It was believable at first . . we just thought she'd turned snuggly all of a sudden. We remember when Avery used to come ask us to "holda me" when she was about this age, so we fell for the Lily substitute that wanted to snuggle after 30 months of being the least snuggly child ever created. However, the one thing about Lily that no doppelganger could ever replicate was her propensity to wake up at 5:50 every morning. And with this one, it finally caught up with her. She acted the part for a few days, and we wrote off yesterday's sleeping-in as recovery from her illness the night before, but two days in a row and I'm calling out this bluff. So come get this vomiting android you've left me and bring back my child. Tell her I got her some PopTarts if you need a bribe.


Carolyn said...

WOW that's a pretty good change if you ask me!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll take her....just say the word! This is the first step toward becomming a teenager....sleeping longer. Next thing you know, you'll be running the sweeper to wake her up!