13 March 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy

I present to you the creation of an 8-year-old. I am going to re-type it because the 8-year-old in question has horrible handwriting, and because the looseleaf paper this particular work was scrawled upon was folded enough times to fit inside a small jewelery box.

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I realy probably like you. So, if you could just please do these things for me please! Can you take a picher of you so that I know what you look like . Please tap on me tonight so I can see you. Please when you take the picher don't delete it. Please show me how to fly. Please wright back!

ps: I will not show anybody else your secrete. Please don't take my tooth! Please come here every night. Please even though you don't take my tooth please still give me a dollar coin.

Now that's what I call sticking your neck out and taking a chance. I mean, at 8 years old, she's recognized that she has absolutely nothing to lose by putting all her cards on the table with the Tooth Fairy. I want a mug shot, some money, you need to teach me how to fly, and why not just leave me the tooth too, OK? Did I mention that Avery left her digital camera out on the night stand so the photo op would be convenient? Smart kid I tell you. Unfortunately for her, the tooth fairy came while she was taking a shower, so there was no opportunity for her to wake up and catch a glimpse. That Tooth Fairy's sneaky, I tell ya.

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Carolyn said...

I love the little entrepreneur she has become too...notice how she initially wanted a quarter, but scratched it out and upped the ante? Smart child in the making...but horrible writing I agree. GAWD