31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of you who have resisted the forces of society who are trying to kill this holiday like they're killing the rest of them. I heard someone the other day complain because Halloween celebrated the dead, and I quote "I just can't get into that." Dude, I could care less if my kids know what the real meaning behind Halloween is, it's something for them to look forward to and an opportunity to spend time with their parents doing what all kids need to do more of, which is just being kids. If you're worried about devil worship, teach your kids about God. If you're worried about them being safe while they're Trick-or-Treating, go with them and avoid the shady parts of town. But if you're worried that doing what people have always done will make you appear like you're not taking a stand against every cause or issue you can find, do yourself a favor and stop thinking about yourself for one day and consider doing something your kids might genuinely enjoy. Oh and one more thing . . if your kid comes to my door without a costume on and just sticks his bag out without saying anything, he's getting the Charlie Brown treatment this year. When everyone else looks to see what their baskets hold, he'll be caught saying "I got a rock."

Just for kicks, my girls got orange ghost and moon scrambled eggs this morning, and purple (on the inside anyway) pumpkin, bat, and moon pancakes. I'm trying to get over my holiday apathy this year, and food seems to be the best way to do that for me. Making a fun holiday breakfast or dinner gives me something to look forward to, and hopefully it will help me to ignore the Christmas music.


julie said...

I completely agree with you on Halloween. Congratulations to you for celebrating it and making it enjoyable for your kids, too!

(I somewhat randomly came across your blog, but have enjoyed catching up on your posts. You have a beautiful family.)

C said...

Aunt C hates Halloween...but only because we always had to dress up for Jaime's birthday parties and i broke my tooth that one year and i have never liked the day since. BUT, that breakfast looked GOOD...maybe i should move in with you guys to get back in teh spirit?!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you'll be doing green milk on the cereal for St. Patrick's Day? I know I must have something to do with your hatred of Christmas music.....was it my singing??? :) I'm going to look for a BNL Chrismas CD!