28 October 2007

A Disturbing New Trend

Some of the only negative feedback I've received on this blog is that everyone loves pictures, and some of my posts don't include them. Well I've promised to improve my performance in that arena, but unfortunately it can't start with this post. Allow me to explain.

Lily adds skills to her repertoire every day it seems, and for the most part I'm pleased with her progress and impressed with her coordination. She'll officially be 2 1/2 next Monday, and I think she's generally very advanced. However, the move she's spent the last three or four days perfecting has just got to stop. Twice yesterday and once today I've walked in to a room to find Lil in nothing but her shirt . . pants and pull-up removed and set neatly aside as though they were optional items in her ensemble. Today it was done during what was supposed to be her nap time, yesterday she disrobed repeatedly in the playroom, and the day before she just refused to put them back on after a trip to the potty. Hopefully it's a stunt that she outgrows quickly, because I don't think I'll be able to recover from her first public attempt at it. For the record, there is photographic evidence of this disturbing act, but it's not publishable. So as I said, I'm going to do a better job with pictures in the blog, but it unfortunately will have to wait until tomorrow.

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C said...

Like mom always said to Jaime and I..."air it out!"