02 November 2007

Halloween's Over . . Merry Christmas!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when taking down the Halloween decorations was high on the family to-do list. They've been up for over a month now, and I like the clean, decorationless, no-impending-holiday look. Well that feeling lasted about 15 minutes . . the girls went straight into the playroom and dug out the Christmas music and turned it on, much to my dismay. I know I've promised not to be a downer this year about holiday stuff, but it might be really difficult if I have to hear Billy Gilman for 2 whole months. Or the Neville Brothers.

Anywho, Halloween night and Trick-or-Treating was really a good time, both for the girls and for Mandi and I. The two of us hold people-watching as one of our favorite pastimes, and the Dilworth crowd did not disappoint. In general there were very few train-wrecks, which was mildly disappointing, but there were quite a few opportunities to chuckle and shake our heads. The most bizarre thing we saw was two women, I can only assume they were mothers, walking around in full costume and followed closely behind by at least 4 teenagers in plain clothes. Huh? How does that work out? I can only imagine what the guy who had his house all done up like a haunted castle said to himself when he saw them . . "I spent $8k on flying ghosts and smoke machines for these idiots?"

Far and away the funniest part of the night, however, came right after we walked out of my in-laws' house. We decided to go next door for our first stop to see our friends and their one-year-old, and to give Lily a chance to polish her spiel. That turned out to be the best decision we made all night, because when they opened the door Lily said "Trick-or-Treat" just like we taught her, then promptly pushed her way inside, hopped up on the couch and said "Look Mommy, George is on!" It was a definite roll-on-the-floor laughing moment, one which defines Lil's personality about as well as any. And while she did try that move a few other times, at least we were prepared for it the first time the house belonged to a stranger!


Anonymous said...

i love the Neville Brothers!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the Neville Bros.....and I hope Lily keeps up that free spirit forever!